Study-Abroad Babe


“I’m only supposed to be in Germany for the semester, but I think I might stick around a little longer,” Megan told us via email. “I love it here. I’m originally from the Northeast (in America), but I feel at home in Munich. I’m dating a guy who is much older than me, so he takes me to all of these cool places around the city. At first, it was museums and concerts; then we started exploring bars and restaurants. He told me that Munich has awesome sex clubs, too. We haven’t been to one of those yet, but I can’t wait to go. Apparently, there are even some clubs that have chains and leather and whips. Isn’t that kinky?

“Another cool thing about being in Europe is that you can catch a flight to Paris or Milan any weekend. The week before I let my guy take these pictures, he took me to Paris. We walked through the city for hours. It was romantic. He paid for us to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and my heart was fluttering. At the top, he stood behind me and we took in the view. He was grinding a little bit against my ass and I felt his hard cock rubbing me. When we got back to the hotel, I showed him how appreciative I was for taking me on the trip.”

Date: March 23, 2020